Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Space Marine a day?

My early A.M. epiphany of the day- I should be sleeping. But, the migraine says "^$#* you!!" So I'm geeking out on 40k as usual.

I made the mistake of digging through my Space marine box looking for a looted bit for my Squiggoth. While goin through the box I realized I have alot of SM crap.

I think the biggest thing that bores with SM's is painting them. Im not a perfectionist type painter. I paint them to a 'better than most' standard with some conversions thrown in and call it a day. But, painting a SM army is pretty boring, so uniform, the base color starts to get old as theres little variety. Base, trim, high light, wash, highlight....zzzzzzz

So, it got me to pondering. The old Rogue Trader 'Rainbow Marines' may have been stuffed back in the closet- but that doesnt mean I cant make my own Rainbow Marine army!

There are alot of cool color themes for various chapters out there, so why not make an 'All Star' sort of space marine army? Keep it regular 'nilla codex entries, but take different squad/selections based on the chapters fluff strengths. Like Blood Angel & Ravn Guard assault marines, Ultras and Imperial fists for tac squads, White scars/ravenwing bkers, stuff like that.

To take it a step farther- Im taking a unit or two of Stern Guard- and modeling them after the unit that pretty much gave birth to thier rules- DeathWatch.

This all works out pretty well with the UM army I have painted so far- as its painted ot 7th Company- which is the reserves- so any holes in my roster I can just fill in with UM reserve units :)

So, along with my usual modeling stuffs- Im going to try and paint up a Marine each day from a different chapter. This will help me get my paintin skills back up to speed, and after a month or two, I'll have a colorful SM army in addition to whatever else Im working on.


  1. I did a 1 space marine an evening stint. Then I crashed after a week!

    It's boring no matter how interesting you might find the subject.

  2. After painting a Hawk Lord today, I fear you may be right...

    Space Marines need a gay make over to save their drabness....

  3. I bought the battle company and went near insane towards the end, still have some rhinos and the jump packs for the assault marines to paint but I just can't face it!

    Will be lost to the warp of ebay I think ;)

    Although now I am painting guard which is not much better as I'm doing an infantry based army :D

    just a glutton for punishment i think.

    good luck with yours!


  4. Well, the marines will be an ongoing side project...Orks and IG are gonna be the main foci of modeling and painting...

    And on that note..back to the squiggoth pen....