Monday, July 20, 2009

2nd half of july productivity....

So, for all practical purposes my hellhound armored car is 90% complete. If I could get a more solid image in my mind and work off that I'd be able to model faster- but the ideas mutate in my head as the models get built. Its not a bad thing really, one idea spawns another, something doesnt look right(or could look better). Anyhow, the only things left on the HH is rivets, and some suspension/wheel mounts for the front tires. I ended up boring out the front wheel wells to take a set of 1/35th LAV tires like on the back- using the GW tires, even the modded ones, just made it look too toy like. The bigger tires up front give it a much more solid appearance. I tac'd on the finish gubbins, Some aquilas on the side, stowage bits, smoke launchers, turret mount and ring. I didnt want any of those bits on the body when I make a mold of it, I want to keep the customization options as open possible. Im also probly going to work up an extension for the cargo section- make it longer and add an extra set of wheels- make it able to function as a troop carrier also ^_^ Im also thinkin it could work as a Manticore or Hydra platform(both low recoil types of artillery).

So. Im realllly slow doing IG vehicle builds. And I need a break from the HH project. So, its on to the Squiggoths. Gobber is on my desk at the moment. I armored up his driver seat last night. Need to do some more armor plates on the side and front legs. Knock some gunners and a driver together. Add some rivets and Orksy gubbins, and gobber will be ready to paint ^_^

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  1. A girl gamer? impossible! Heresy! lol

    ...only in America...

    (oh wait, i married one!)

    Welcome to the land of Blog, Look forward to seeing some of your work ;o)