Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So, I've made the frequent disclaimer I pretty much suck at keeping my blog updated.   But it does happen on occasion and hopefully those of you still paying attention find it worthwhile :)

So, most of the summer has been spent working on my Hordes Trollbloods.   I worked on learning some new blending techniques since the dire trolls are mostly flesh, the ole dry brushing and washes wasn't really going to bring out the details.   So,  the dire trolls started with the Earthborn(which I did in Earth tones), the Bomber,  Extreme Mauler, Blitzer, and then the baby Mauler.  

By the time I got to the blitzer I had been working on the 2 brush wet blending that Privateer Press has always advocated.    Im still getting it down,  and it does seem to be a useful technique to have.  But Im still going to use my old wash/drybrush/highlight methods I always have,  I'll just use whatever gets the result I want the easiest.

For conversions, I went pretty light on the trolls.   The Bombers pygmy torch bearer is mounted with magnets- I had to pin the lil guy at the wrist since he wasn't packed very well and broke while getting shipped to me.  The magnets let me take him off when hes in the case.    When I get more magnets I'll do the same with the gunner on my blitzer.    The Blitzer got the most converting as I actually reposed both arms,  the right arm was cut at the shoulder and tilted back to raise the right arm,  and the left arm was bent at the elbow bringing it up off the ground.   Then the shackle chain got adjust to fit hte new arm position.    Its not something most people will notice,  but those that know thier trolls probably will :)  

I got all the trolls via trades,  and Im realizing Im much more meticulous than most people in terms of assembly and finishing mold lines and seams before I paint anything.   I've got the tools to make it easier I guess,  the cheapie set of diamond files and dremel bits combined with Apoxie sculpt and some old vallejo acrylic putty makes pretty simple work of smoothing out the lines.  Just takes time for the putties to dry.

If theres any interest I'll gather up the infantry and get pics of them done up as well.   Theyre mostly done,  just have the min unit of scattergunners/UA,  and a full unit of Krielstone bearers/UA left to do.   Then I have to decide what I want to do with thier bases.    I've never done snowy bases, or anything like a happy spring time forest base.   The idea of little flowers on the bases on the dire trolls amuses me ^_^  

I should also note the stuff in the pics isn't all what I consider complete.   I still want to go back and do some wet blending on the Axers. impaler, bouncer, and the Extreme dire troll.  I did the regular Trolls first and the learning curve shows on the ones I havent shaded the flesh on with all the techniques.

Theres a few different pics on my photobucket account.

The infantry pics should be showing up there over then next couple weeks :)