Friday, July 24, 2009

Gobber da mighty Sqiggoth WIPs

So, I havent posted pics of Gobber in a while, and Ive been getting progress made on him between rounds of sculpting I was doing on my Hellhound.

Mounting the kannon and gunner between the driver and the Rokkits up top has been the fiddliest part to fit, mostly because I couldnt decide exactly how I wanted to do it before I started.

So I figured the gunner would be frustrated too- since they miss most of the time I have him displaying the Orkish good luck symbol to some foe that he missed with his last shot (the finger still needs sculptin)

The driver Im gonna have haulin back on some chains for all he's worth- sort of a Yosemite Sam screamin 'Whoa mule!! Whooa!' sorta moment. And for those that might be too young to know who Yosemite Sam is, you suck and arent cool enough to read my blog, GTFO ^_^

The rest of Gobber is pretty obvious, lots of strapped on armor plates, rivety goodness all over, dag decorations.

Still planned is some trophy rack sorta stuff and glyphs, the right side/top of the howdah needs a bit more buffin up to look AV12-ish


  1. Wow! looks great!

    Shame your on the other side of the pond, I would love to see him squishing my guardsmen into blood pulp in the snow ;oD