Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In the grim darkness of the future....where are the melta guns!?!?

So, I decided to make my own melta gun variant.

With GW having them back ordered until the middle of 6th edition, I figured I'd save myself some head aches. Ironically I have a buncha melta guns already.....but I like my sculpt better....

Took me about 5 hours, all bare styrene stock with a lil procreate. The pics have some styrene fuzz on them still, cant be helped, the lil micro saw makes a mess of staticy dust.

I'm gonna make a single throw mold for arming up my own guys.

Im also making it IG compatible- flame thrower arms(cadians) and theres a divot on the left side for the side-handle to stick into. Crapachans can pack it just like the marines do, so no probs there.

Officially, in case I sell some of these- they are Microwave Blasters MkI ^_^


  1. Just click on the stupid pics, the blogs bein a bitch for the time being.

    It fears my mad micro gun makin skills!

  2. Hmm... looking pretty good there. It's different but fairly recognizable for what it is. The only thing I don't like is the roughness in the barrel vents. They don't look quite smooth enough along the bottom of the surface. Perhaps you could deepen the notches and then partial fill with putty?

    Sorry we missed on our game Sunday. I'll just have to catch you next time.

  3. I like it...mostly. I definitely see the need, since it's no surprise meltaguns are way the hell on back-order.

    My only beef is that I'd rather see a round clip; the lasgun power cell just doesn't say 'tank-cooking power' to me.

    Though, I do think the design would scale nicely into a multi-melta by just stacking it and editing the bottom of the upper gun in the stack.

  4. Its a great idea, I like!


  5. @Dverning, ya, the vents need clean up still. Ive been hunting my pin vice set as thats the only tool I have to clean them out with.

    Saturday night late, I dropped into summer flu mode. Nothing like goin to the Drs office for scrip refills and getting sick.

    Raptor- the power cel is about twice the thickness of a lasgun cell, and noticeably longer. I may do a MKII version with a tank more like a std melta after I get a few extras to work with.