Monday, February 04, 2013

Wow, its bigger than I thought it would be O.o

It didn't really do much 'will shrink to fit available space' did it?  I didnt think it would be quite so...large.

Think its too much?    I was figuring a bunch of it would get trimmed out and I'd get to move the window around like I did with my Google+ profile.

If I realized I had more space I coulda crammed in a few more books and minis to make finding Waldo more challenging!

Anyways-  if it seems like its too much dead space to scroll by to read an article lemme know so I can trim it a bit.

At least with the larger format space opened up now I can more easily arrange articles and tutorials I want to do whether its with pics or vids.  Anyways,  if anyone cared/noticed let me know if you think the old format was better in any way-  I dont think it was,  but in case I missed anything different perspectives are always good to have :)

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Superblog Sunday!

Yep.  I totally ripped that off/made it up on the spot ;)    I hadn't really planned on working on the blog today.  But its could and chilly outside(by Arizona standards at least)  and its not looking like my ISP has gotten anything fixed to the point where I will be able to manage much of a functioning +Hangout just yet- so my apologies to the +Warmachine and Hordes guys (wtf Google no linky?!)  I mentioned that I might start one up today.  I can get one going still but it will probably limit me to just text contributions :/

Anyhow-  back to ME!  Or at least the blog.  Poking around I discovered the format options buried away.  So I could finally widen the columns and utilize all the dead space.   For years having like a 3 inch frikkin margin has annoyed me but I was never able to find a way to adjust it and it seemed like it was just reserved for ad space.    Its kinda stupid that its hidden in the templates section,  not in the editor section where you can actually move the columns...

Anyhow- with the new wide body format- its like going to HDTV all over again!  Hello 2005!   So,  I'll be working on a new banner pic,  which is alright I suppose since I needed one for my G+ & youtube page(videos are about a month away while I struggle through video editing!)  and this can sort of tie my 'brand' identity together I suppose.

So,  keep an eye out for my new banner pic.  It will be a sort of evolution of the old one above.  But will have more space to fit in some of my larger nerd swag and gamer themes(future article and vids too!).   It will likely take a while to set up,  so I might not get it done until later tonight or even tomorrow since theres alot of stress here at home right now.