Friday, July 31, 2009

Somethin a lil different

So, not all paintin I do is 40k. I have a potential commission for a fellow with an enormous Axis and Allies collection. I did these up as a couple of samples for him.

And, in the grim darkness of the future, the Ultramarines will take your toys away.


  1. My first thought was awwwwww! they're sooo cute! lol.

    Nicely done, never even knew that system existed until i read your post ;o)

    Keep up te good work and good luck with the commission job!


  2. Well, they were good enough to nail down the commission!

    Next lot is 20 japanese army aircraft including a few Betty bombers.

  3. Congrats on the commission! I was going to say the battleship looks especially nice. Working at that scale and making it look good is pretty challenging and you pulled it off nicely.

    And Ultras need toys too! Life's not all Prayers to the Emperor and Punishing the Impure you know. :)