Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My latest Modeling effort...

So, heres a catch up thread for my Hellhound variant


It was origianlly just gonna be a Land speeder based sort of buggy. But with the new IG codex, I find myself liking the tactical uses of the HH and variants, but I hate the model (yes- even the new ones). Hence an armored car, that actually looks like it can move fast was born.

Many nay-sayers are complaining its too small. I think theyre retards-a full sized tank frame(ok APC) without suspension isnt gonna go faster jsut because the fluff claims a bigger engine. And flame & chem weapons dont need huge resivoirs. Too much bad stuff in them would make them too explosive. So basically- you just need something that can spray liquid. Like a fire hose, or farm equipment. Not too complex ;)

As I get more done on the sculpts, and possible casts I'll post pics from my free but craptastic cam.


  1. Nice model. Personally I think the new Hellhound is great, but to each their own.

  2. You know, there are these handy little tools for embedding hotlinks and/or images into your blog posts... :-p

    Glad to "see" you posting though. We should get some games in some time too. With how much you're traveling these days, maybe I should just plan on coming to see you. Do you have a play space that's not hella hot? Hrm... might be fun to drag along Mark and a couple of the other boys and do a Tucson vs Florence day of gaming once it gets cooler.

  3. I dont have any air-conditioned play space anymore. After 7 or 8 years of becoming a large multi-purpose repository of misc. stuff I decided the table in the back room needed to be taken down.

    Which means I turned the room into a painting/modeling studio and general 40k storage ^_^ I'll eventually post pics of the uber-workspace.

    And I need to get out more, just been lacking motivation/reason.

    On the hotlinks- Ive had this thing less than a day and am quite pleased I could actually set it up and post. I'll work out the details down the road :p