Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Micro-waver(Melta) MK II-A

Ok, alot of people seem to think its too much like a plasma gun.

So, Im trying to avoid hose bits- the damn things trap air bubbles, sometimes even with a pressure pot.

So heres the changes Im thinking of making. Basically just adding a melta type cel in the mag well- which makes more sense than the odd-ball side mount on the Imp versions.

This also makes Multi-Micro blasters easier as I can just go for a nozzle like the original.


  1. I'd keep the muzzle unmodified. When it's the big double vent piece, it gives it a very bulky "Imperial" look. When cut down it starts to look more like a lasgun or something to me. I do agree with the magazine changes.

  2. I like the magazine changes.

    The nozzle changes, though...eh. I kind of liked the larger one.