Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Poll Results

So the poll I posted has finished up, and it would seem you evil bastards are intent on making me paint, 53% of you anyway.

So, I figure I'll split my time between getting some paintin done and the usual modeling stuff.

As for what to paint- I think I'll be doing some of my Ultras up. Save the gasps and sighs ;) I have about 1400 points of imbalanced units painted up, and would like to bring that up to a nice 2500 non-Vulkan list.

Heres what I have thats already started:
4 Full tactical squads, w/misc heavy and assault weapons, and Sgt's with fists.
1 Whirlwind
1 predator that needs its turret changed out to an auto cannon.
1 Landspeeder with a MM
2 dreadnaughts (1 Assault cannon, 1 assault cannon & ML....4th ed leftovers...I was short on bits)
1 boring lil commander

What I have that I want to add-
5 Landspeeders- and typhoon bits for all of them.
A ciuple more tactical squads- might be painted up in 2nd Founding UM squads just for variety.

9 bikes-most of which have no fairings(weird stuff acquired in trades) so I'll need to model some uber cool fairings of my own I guess. Also short about 5 or 6 sets of biker legs.
1 Biker commander (same as above on the bike)

A cool Librarian conversion that been collecting dust for several years.
A dread that is gonna become a Ven dread. It came ot me in a trade covered in bits and glue. Poor lil guy could be salvaged as a regular dread, so was in the box to get chaosified- when I realized a Venerable sculpt up could save him.

What I want to acquire:
A couple MM marines to round out my Heavy assortment.
4-6 rhinos
4-6 drop pods

I have 2 MKII rhinos in my IW army I can steal(I dont go retarded on CSM bits- so they'll be easy to recalim). And I have a few MKI rhinos, but I like to use them for my other chaos armies.

I may just flex my mad Scrathbuild-fu and get all over some drop pod builds. I think going to a 4 section design, rather than GW's 5 section, will make for a much simpler model. And it will be more symmetrical, hence easier to mold if I decide to go that route.

For those curious- I run a 7th Company army, which is a reserve company. The 7th is loaded with 10 tactical squads, that are all cross trained as speeder pilots(Hence having a heavy speeder presence in my army). The biker squad I'll likely color up out of the 6th Company(or a diff chapter) as theyre the biker trained ones. I doubt I run assault marines or termies anytime soon, but if I ever add them I'll either paint them from a related chapter, or get them out of the relevant company.

Oh, and in researching 7th company stuff, I discovered the 7th has the Master Victualer for the chapter. Factoid of the day- thats the dude that buys the groceries O.o

And last, Im very tempted to paint up my IG as an Ultramar Defense Auxilia unit. Just means less Imperial iconogrphy and a few more blue and white insignia.

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  1. Your captain should be loaded down with the Victuals of Ultramar, which in appearance would be either an arm full of shopping bags, or a grocery cart. I'll leave it to you to decide what those would be used as, in game :)