Monday, August 10, 2009

Digital Camo anyone?

So, Ive ebeen laid low by a string of successive migraines, which cuts out sitting under bright lights making cool minis :(

But! Fret not my fellow nerds, as its not all wasted time. Its given me time to think about stuff- what might look really good, and how to accomplish it.

That brought me to IG and Camo jobs. Weve all seen the rare well done camo covered tank that was weathered and look great. And we've all seen the many badly thought out camo covered tanks.

With infantry, the camo is even harder to scale down, and palce well on a repeated basis. How many of you IG vets have started a camo scheme that looked great, but after spending 2 weeks on one squad- you decided that sqaud got camo and the rest were getting plain fatigues?

I have in mind a technique to make camo easy, and consistant. For tanks and infantry ^_^

Some of you are probly thinking 'Ya, Ive heard this bullshit before...'

So, to set the nay sayers at ease- Im not just planning on doing regular splotch camo. Im going to be doing digital camo(which is alot more difficult). Now, obviously it wont be at the same scale of our modern BDU equivalents, it will be a little blockier to work at 28/35mm scale. But, the tests Ive already done are very promising.

I jsut have to pick an IG color scheme, and get on it. So, any ideas for 2 or 3 color camo that will go on a base coat of grey or tan- lemme know!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wow....Airbrush goodness at a new level.

Its not often that I see a paint job that really, really impresses me, but this guy did it. In case you missed the link in my post title:

Seeing work like that gives me one of those moments where I want to buy a 50 gallon drum of simple green to throw all my figs in and start over.

But, then I realize Im lazy and thats not a good idea.

Anyhow- the monolith pics linked above is why I got my airbrush- there are just some things you cant do with regular brush techniques- or rather- an airbrush makes them practical. I sure someone could do the same sort of thing with regular brush & paints- but it would take like 2,000 layers of shading and a couple hundred hours to do what an airbrush likely did in less than 40 hours.

So, with that monolith in mind, I have several chaos and eldar paint ideas forming. But it will be down the road, as Im still in a space marine mood ;)

Also, the flu/eye booger nurglings are still plaguing me, productivity has been minimal. The only thing I accomplished was an experiment to slow down the curing time of the resin I have- it was drying in the mixing cup and pouring thick-hence screwing up my casts. So, I put part A in fridge. This slows the cure time alot, pot life goes from a minute or two, to almsot 4 or 5. But, the de-mold time goes from 5 minutes- to 15 or so. But- Im not mass casting anything- so speed isnt an issue.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Not jsut a migraine...the flu too!

Yay. So, either at the Dr office a couple weeks ago- or the hospital last week I picked up a flu bug.

The congestion is so bad I feel like I snorted a bunch of nurglings.

I was gonna paint, but the congestion has worked its way into my eyes. So, in a TMI moment, eye boogers make it hard to paint when your vision is blurry.

So I figured I'd work on something less detail oriented and Im makin some molds. Did up the tire molds Ive been wanting to do for a while. And an old turret I had laying about.

And did a single cavity for my microwave blaster/melta. But, too late realized I didnt leave space for any air vents. So, luckily I will only need to use it 4 or 5 times to makes a multi chamber mold.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Nothin for the weekend :(

Sorry guys, have a monster migraine thats shut down the paint dungeon.

Hopefully be back with more goodness soon. My Librarian conversion has been talking to me....