Sunday, July 04, 2010

Warmachine progress at last! Rhulic rampage begins!

Havent managed to post as often as I'd like- but Ive had a few days of delightfully shake free hands so I made the most of it and painted up some of my Rhulic WM stuff!

The onsluaght of pics is gonna make a mess but I'll edit it as best I can ;) I have more pics, but it seems blogs limit me to 5 at a time. So I can post up more if theres any interest.

These arent 100% complete. They still need basing, and some cleanup/touchup work(and a layer of dull-cote to tame the shiny!). But I think theyre more than adequate for gaming and even tournament usage.

So, heres Thor Steinhammer, the flamethrowing dwarf mechanic. I was origianlly just going to experiment with him- trying the light sourcing highlights coming off the flames. The results were good enough I plan on keeping him. Since the health decline I havent been too happy with most of my paint results, so I was happy I can learn new techniques to replace the old ones I cant do any more.

Heres a Wroughtram Rockhammer. It seems like fun, a giant dwarf robot with a gun & hammer. Nothin spectacular, but Ive seen much worse out there(and much better lol).

So, these are the lil tanks. Often called 'Gun bunnies', I think theyre kinda cute. Sorta like the Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell. Theyre useful & cute, but disposable when theirs a need for it.

This here is the ubiquitous Rhulic Driller. It um...drills things. I still wanna add some highlights to it, and some more weathering & such as theyre supposed to do double duty as mining equipment I see it as bein extra worn & dirty.

Forgeguard, these were the figs that made me decide to paint my Rhulics before my Cryx or other mercs. Theyre sorta like stumpy lil badasses with steampowered hammers. They arent exactly cute, but they have a certain charm.


  1. Yes! This is what I was waiting for. Your color palette and painting style compliment the models nicely. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to add more weathering, I'd suggest using a sponge to simulate paint chipping. Super easy and doesn't require a steady hand. (you might want to mute the awful musak)

  2. Nice stuff ! Keep motivated .... your painting looks great

  3. Oh this is awesome, I took the plunge into Warmachine Tonight at the Club. Nice paint job and glad to hear you have been a little better of late!

  4. Thanks guys :)

    @Rabid I did some of the 3 color paint shipping on the driller, but it didnt survive the wash process very well lol. When I go back for the detail painting I'll re high light those spots. I didnt do any on the Rockram for that reason- just have to add them later.

    @Da Sub WM is pretty addictive, the rules are so smooth, arguments are minimal compared to 40k. And the minis just seem to have more flavor/character even when theres only 2 or 3 poses.

    I was rather wornout today and only got the clear coats on the bunnies and rockram, and primed my high shields.

    So, hopefully in the next few days I'll get my high shields done. And Herne & Jonne. Then I'll sit down with Gorten & Durgen. That will get y 35 pts easy. After that I have a min unit of high shields, another 6 forgegaurd, 1 more driller, and 4 or 5 misc gun bunnies.

    Dunno if I'll get them all painted up before I move on to getting my regular mercs o cryx stuff started though. ^_^

  5. I picked up A Pirate Queen Skarre to paint up as a test, got her pinned when I should be sleeping lol!
    Best of luck with them, I am selling a couple of thou worth of my minis so pop by the blog thru the week for the list.

  6. Im a bit too much of a newb at WM to help much with lists ;) But if you're not already on the Privateer press forums I highly recommend them- very helpful/freindly. No where near the same levels of assholishness that seems to be more and more prevalent on the 40k based groups.

    And that reminds me, I should post some of my rhulics guys on their paintin thread!

  7. wow we started painted WM about the same time and well I haven't even finished my first jack. kudos to you! your army looks awesome!

  8. Great Paintwork, i'd love to see more when you get the weathering and basing done, these are going to look fantastic i think. Have you done any gaming with them yet? I'd like to hear more about the gameplay if possible. Cheers, keep up the good work!

  9. So far Ive only got a couple games in via Vassal(its a way to do table top games online). Its bit different than a real game of course, but it helps get the rules down and is alot easier than the 50 miles drive to get to a game shop ;)