Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New books, lack of pics, fun stuff ;)

Got my Prime Mkii and Merc books last friday, theyre gorgeous books and I tip my proverbial hat to the Pivateer fellows. I had learned about all I could of the rules from the MKII pre release PDF, so the book with actual diagrams was helpful. And the Merc book landed some solid motivation to keep going.

The monsoon here made an effort to get going, which means stupid migraines and the shakes that I get with them- so my paint efforts will get kinda random. I havent even been able to finish Durgen since I posted the last round of pics.

Anyhow, found that the local(which for me means 50 miles away) gameshop runs all nighters on warmachine most friday & saturday nights. Its a 24/7 shop, which makes my inner vampire happy! So, hopefully I can find a few 'training wheels' games if I can make it out that way soon. Maybe even find some sucke-- I mean um, gamers to trade my piles of 40k stuff for more Warmachine :D I also bought my first in store WM purchase, a Highshield officer & Standard bearer UA. I'll need one more for a Tier 2 Gorten list! And got a pot of Cold Steel P3 paint. I noticed the pots had the same lids as the old, old Citadel pop tops- and it turns out theyre made by Coat de Arms! Which is cooo as it means if I dont use the up theyll still be usable in 20 years like some of the Citadel stuff I still have. Yes- that likely means I have paint older than some of the readers of this lil blog- I was once a gamer nerdling too ;)


  1. I was also very impressed with my Prime Mkii and Cygnar books. They are great reads and really cleared up how the game works. Next on my list are Menoth and Mercenaries books.

    Glad to hear you have still been managing to paint, despite the health issues. I hope it continues to go alright for you and you can keep churning out great models. I like what you've done with the Gorten list so far, very dirty merc looking :-)

    Please post up how you feel about the P3 metallic paints. I've used the normal P3 colours and they are great (bigger than GW with better lids) but I have heard some say that their metallics aren't quite as good. I'd be interested to hear from someone with proper experience of them as I think I could happily move over to P3 paints entirely as my GW stock runs out.

  2. Same deal here on the paints- Im always looking for an alternative to GW. Most of my metallics are Vallejo model stuff, but Im gettin really low on a steel metallic- so the P3 called out to me. I also have several bottles of Vallejo Air metallics- but those dont help most people unless they have an AB as well (but they do come out pretty amazing). I made pretty much a full color switch to vallejos about 6 or 7 years ago when they were still pretty obscure in the gaming community. Too many GW hex pots robbed me so I switched and never looked back ^_^

  3. I haven't tried Vallejo because I don't use a palette (I know I should) and so dropper bottles aren't so easy to use. I like aspects of the GW paints but they don't always thin down easily and the lids frequently don't quite close because there is some dried paint in them, which of course means that they then have dried out completely by the time you get them out to paint again.

    I think I'll be moving away from GW paints from now on. Looking forward to hearing about your painting experiences.

    PS: P3 paints being cheaper per pot for more content also helps.

  4. Conventions are a great place to unload unwanted hobby stuff, that's where I got rid of the majority of my 40k stuff. Also theminiaturespage.com has a traders section which I have had some success with.

    Your minis look great, I still have some of those first gen 40k paints around too ;)

  5. I agree the Vallejo stuff is excellent. I stopped using GW years ago but to be fair I haven't tried the new stuff they put out. But at 3.50 a jar compared to the 2.99 for vallejo ... it would be silly to buy GW

  6. Had to get rid of my Cygnar to make space for painting, but soon I will attempt to get back into WM but with no soul to play it with it sucks.