Monday, July 19, 2010

Technological Terror Strikes!

It has been one of those utter WTF sort of days, my daily side kick and companion of the last 2 years, my toshiba laptop has seemingly expired(looks to be a POST fail or corrupted Bios). The hard drive still seems functional at least- so the data is at least savable.

Then around 9 this morning- I notice its getting warm- and I hadnt heard the air conditioner turn yep- the blower motor wasnt turning on. Not the best news when at 9 am it was already near 100 outside. Made for a long day, and a 200$ repair for a stupid capactior. And that same 200$ came outta the funds that coulda went to replacing or repairing my laptop.....

So, Im on our old backup pc. by old- Im talkin a single core 5 year old 1 ghz processor. So, I may actually get more painting done- since typing on this tiny ass keyboard is a damn nuisance.

Also- might be selling some 40k excess to help fund a decent laptop- so if anyone has any interests/wants let me know and I'll give my blog readers first grabs ^_^


  1. I should get my laptop back on friday from a 3 month repair.

  2. hmm that kinda sucks. If you have a list feel free to send it to my email and I can float it around the club.
    You could also try posting it up on the CMON Trading post in the Forums.