Saturday, July 17, 2010

Devil Dogs! More WM goodness

Ive had this unit of minis sitting around for a couple years- and figured it was about time they got some brush love ;) It gave me a chance ot play with the p3 Cold Steel paint- which I happen to really like. It has good consistancy, covers well ever over black. I didnt do any dry brushing with it however- so I cant vouch for its worth on that.

Anyways- another basic/dirty merc paint job. Wanted them to look like theyd been out in it for a while- mercs arent paid to be clean are they? Although since there are 3 Mr Clean clones with axes- it might be kinda ironic. I might have to give one of them some hair or a hat.

Theyre about 90% done. Stuff like eyes, final brass touches and all that I do after I base my stuff. Keeps the clean up & touch up phase all at once so Im not dropping the paint on the pallette more often than I need to ;)


  1. Those look really nice. I like the dirty vibe that you've been putting on your mercs. It really works well for them and stops them getting too bright. I think the green plays off the tan brown leather fixings very nicely. Thumbs up.

    My only complaint about the devil dogs (the actual sculpts) is the model for Sam. In the book artworks she is smoking hot, in a steampunk-warrior-babe way, and the model just doesn't carry that off. I wish the sculpt was the same as the artwork. This is no reflection on your models in any way though :-)

    Glad the P3 metallic worked out well. I guess I can happily pick some up next time I order from the warstore.

    PS: I did a double take when I saw the title. My wife and I just got two dogs and the younger one, a puggle ( is still a puppy and so is a bit bipolar. When he wakes up he is the sweetest little groggy chap who just begs to be cuddled....then the coin flips and he becomes the devil dog who will run around like crazy and chew on absolutely everything, including his brother - a lab mix, me, my wife, our papers, any food, socks, underwear and most recently, a $10 bill.

  2. Very nice. I love the green hat guy.

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  4. Wow! Beautiful work for a "speed-painter". I do miss Warmachine. It was one of the games I had to give up on the account of reduced free-time. Kids will do that to you. ;)

  5. Thanks everyone :) Im still a sped painter actually lol- I spent maybe 5 or 6 hours on the whole unit. Which isnt bad, but Id be happier with 3 or 4 ;)