Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More Rhulic Rumblings (Warmachine is addictive!)

Alrighty, had to take a little break after the paint fest of last Friday & Saturday. Mostly because I knew the infantry were going to take more effort than the 'jacks did. Like the last batch, these are about 90% done, and I havent clear coated these so the shades are a tad different still.

So, heres the pretties.

Gorten Grundback. Im not sure I like his playstyle yet, but hes a caster and hes painted! Hes also based on the rough idea I have for basing these guys. Just with cleaner paint, and some weeds growing up between the stones(that I obviously havent added yet o.0)

Next up are Herne & Jonne. I giggled about the idea of a dwarf with a pet ogre that carries a triple barreled mortar. So they had to be done.

And last up the Highshields. If they take as long to kill off as it took to paint them they'll be worth the effort ;)


  1. I really hate the editing and utter fail of the 'preview' window. If you break your eyes before I fix the text- just look at the pics lol.

  2. And yes- Gorten IS aiming with his left eye open, right eye closed. I think the paint fairy snuck in and did that because Im not sure how I pulled it off.

  3. All looks good to me ..... !!! Keep up the great work

  4. So much nice painting. I have only had time for sculpting most of this week :(
    Although I did get the skin and cloak on Skarre done while waiting for my cooker to toast some GS on Tuesday!
    Keep up the great work!

  5. i like your painting style! sweet models!

  6. lol My painting style has devolved.

    Its at the 'this is how I can paint without the coordination I used to have'. Luckily I have been painting a long time- and learned alot of little tricks so I can still get decent results, but Im not going to be winning any studio awards.