Thursday, June 24, 2010

100 Minions!

So, this morning my blog list hit 100! I hadnt really noticed I was getting that many readers! O.o

I guess that means I'll have to make some attempts to be more amusing and post something worthwhile on a regular basis.

I'm amassing a rather large Warmachine Mercenary force, its not really a coherent roster yet since Im trading for the stuff- its kind of a random hodge podge of units. But many of them have alot of character, and will be fun to paint. The Forgeguard guys look kinda like pot bellied stoves with big ole hammers, Croes Cutthroats look like a buncha D&D or Warcraft rogues gone wild, and the Iridian skirmishers are some of my favorite as they have a very arabic theme(and since I like Tallarns....).

Im hoping, maybe in the next week I'll get some painting up. The health issues havent been overly cooperative lately, but Im gonna try to push past it and see if I can still get some decent results.


  1. congratulations or how i said in my language FELICIDADES ;)

  2. Congrates !!!

    I am working towards my 25 as we type ...

  3. Congrats on the big 100!

    I'll especially look forward to seeing your Mercs since my wife has been ogling them as her faction of choice.

  4. Ya, I like all the different looks you can get with merc units.

    I have Fiona and some of the Iridians primed to paint up.

    Im just having difficulties deciding which ones to paint first. I think for an actual army Im gonna do my Rhulics first, Durgen just looks so damn crazy he has to be fun to play.