Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Magnus...Ashlynn...Pendrake...oh my!

Ive been busy attacking my unpainted masses! As per the usual disclaimer, I havent decided how to base them yet(so dont nag the basing!) and theres still some details I have to pick out.

The E-Magnus I got in a trade with the 'conversion' done on him already. I didnt feel like mangling his hand further to get the jack head pried off, so I cleaned it up as best I could. A bit too much glue had been used so theres been some detail loss on his cyber-hand. but all in all it turned out alright.

Pendrake was kinda fun, lots of contrasts in textures, cool specs and a good sculpt to work with. PP has really evolved thier level of product over the years.

And for the record, I kinda hate the Ashlynn fig. I did a minor repose on the arms so it looked less retarded. But then once I started painting....I really, really, dont like the sculpt on her face. PP- PLEASE give us a resculpt of her soon!!!

And p-Magnus, simple and fun to paint up.

Some new tricks I used on all of these, was my first foray into wet blending on the various capes. That was the biggest reason for the array of colors used, I wanted to experiment :D Also, when taking the pics, I noticed the metals were really popping out. This is because I tried mixing a drop of Vallejo Air metals in with the VMC metalics and P3 cold steel Ive been using. Really adds alot of sheen and I think its something Im going to keep doing.

All in all Im quite happy with them for a monday nights worth of painting along with 6 steelheads ^_^


  1. Looks like a good job on the wet-blended capes. Interesting trick with the model air metalics...I'm going to try that one, I have a number of them down in the basement...will mix with GW, see what happens.

  2. I've seen a pretty solid conversion of Ashlynn; someone took a Katherine Laddermore fig, added a journeyman warcaster backpack and then posed Ash's arms on her in a somewhat-reasonable position.

    That eMagnus conversion makes me think of the Hamlet scene about "we barely knew ye." That's the only thing coming to mind.

  3. @ Raptor, I think the Hamlet reference was the goal. And its one of the reasons I just left it alone ;)