Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big Bada-Boomhowlers!!

Finally, Im getting some content up! The last few months have been a bit insane, but thats done for now I hope ;) I got a shiny new phone that makes getting pics posted pretty simple and painless, so along with getting pics of my painted figs up Im planning on doing some Tool & Gadget articles and maybe even some tutorials for stuff that doesnt get much coverage.

Anyhow- onto the Mercenaries!


  1. What exactly did you base them with?
    I like the sparse larger rocks on the base with the really fine texture overall.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Thats actually just a test basing, its some fine evergreen ballast, and then a bit of larger stuff mixed in. I still have to actually finish the basing, needs some weeds & grassy stuff. And a washings & dry brushing.

    I tend to hold off on basing until I get most of an army done, that way I can base them all at once and keep the results consistant :) But these guys have been holding down a shelf for about 4 years...