Saturday, February 05, 2011

Painting too much!

Ok, so, in my last post I made some big blah blah about posting more often....and then I go off and dont post anything I said I would O.o

And its because Ive been painting too much! Seriosuly, Ive been sorta posessed and have blown through most of my Warmachine figs.

Croes Cuthroats(8) I had one go MIA so I didnt do the full 10.
Irdian Skirmishers + UA
Alexia, 14 undead, 2 thralls
2 Renegades
Saxon Orrik

Coleman Stryker
2 Chargers
1 Lancer
mecahnic & 3 gobbers

Thats all been since my last post O.o

The only mercs I have left, 6 forge guard, a couple gun bunnies, and a unit of High shields with a UA.

Once it warms up a bit and I can do some more priming I may start on my Cryx stuff. Other than that Im waiting on some Cygnar infantry(sword knights and Stormguard).

And I should be getting some new sable brushes in today, and some weathering powders- thats if FedEx isnt retarded and can find my house(and they were here about 2 weeks ago...)

I'll get some pics up soon, I just havent felt like setting up the lights and all that ;)

And UFC will be distracting me tonight too, but I could care less abotu the Superbowl, so I can probly get alot done during that ;)


  1. I'm either going to keep asking every Saturday about drying the sculpey, or else I am going to read the instructions, I'm not sure which one first. Probably read them, I just got busy during the week and forgot.

  2. Sculpey- oven at like 200 degrees- refer to the directions for duration(since its based on thickness).

    In the summer time I just take it out and set it on the dash of my car and let the solar thing go to town :)

  3. Excellent work on the painting. I definitely need to spend some time clearing my backlog of unpainted minis. I've decided to sell some of them when they are done, so that gives me a bit of financial incentive.

    I hear you on the UFC too. It was a very good fight card.

  4. Please post some pics of the models...would really like to see these.