Friday, January 21, 2011

New weekly features ahead!

So, now that it only takes me a few minutes of minimal effort to get pics posted up Ive decided I can get some weekly articles up.

Ive been doing this hobby & gaming thing for a long time, and even with the plethora of great blogs out there- I still dont see alot of things I do covered. So, maybe sharing the way I do things can help some people out or give them a light bulb moment of their own :)

The first thing Im going to do- is a tool post. Im going to grab some generally obscure piece of gear outta my kit and tell you all about why I think its worth the money, how I use it, and some basic safety(but Im not extensive source for safety matters- so any missing digits or limbs are not my fault!). Depending on the response to a particualr item, a full blown tutorial may follow :)

The next feature- is Going Green! I've been doing my modeling a certain way for so long, I never noticed that most of the stuff I use is sort of recycled in some form. So, since people like saving money some of my ideas might help pinch the pennies needed for that squad or warjack you've been wanting :)

At random intervals I'll drop in a sculpting tidbit since I have some tricks I havent seen posted elsewhere. And if anyone likes a particular way I paint something I may be convinced to do a tutorial of some sort.

And, like other blogs, Im considering some random give aways. Probly when I hit certain levels of membership and if I get enough responses & comments to keep me motivated ^_^

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