Monday, August 10, 2009

Digital Camo anyone?

So, Ive ebeen laid low by a string of successive migraines, which cuts out sitting under bright lights making cool minis :(

But! Fret not my fellow nerds, as its not all wasted time. Its given me time to think about stuff- what might look really good, and how to accomplish it.

That brought me to IG and Camo jobs. Weve all seen the rare well done camo covered tank that was weathered and look great. And we've all seen the many badly thought out camo covered tanks.

With infantry, the camo is even harder to scale down, and palce well on a repeated basis. How many of you IG vets have started a camo scheme that looked great, but after spending 2 weeks on one squad- you decided that sqaud got camo and the rest were getting plain fatigues?

I have in mind a technique to make camo easy, and consistant. For tanks and infantry ^_^

Some of you are probly thinking 'Ya, Ive heard this bullshit before...'

So, to set the nay sayers at ease- Im not just planning on doing regular splotch camo. Im going to be doing digital camo(which is alot more difficult). Now, obviously it wont be at the same scale of our modern BDU equivalents, it will be a little blockier to work at 28/35mm scale. But, the tests Ive already done are very promising.

I jsut have to pick an IG color scheme, and get on it. So, any ideas for 2 or 3 color camo that will go on a base coat of grey or tan- lemme know!


  1. If you want to roll with gray fatigues (or gray base)

    I'd look at maybe:
    Dark Blues
    Other grays
    Dark greens.

    I'd probably make the blue/green an either/or deal. You could also just go three tones of blue, though I'm not entirely sure what that would camoflauge you against.

    For tan, I'd go about the same; you can work shades of gray in there, but I'd stick more to browns and leathers. I'd almost suggest looking at some of the Tau schemes for the desert stuff; the Tau seem to have some kind of affinity for that.

  2. While I'm no expert at painting camo, I've bookmarked this digital camo tutorial that might help:

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. Rabid, thanks for that link ^_^

    But Im thinkin of a much, much lazie---um, more efficient technique that I could actually do a 40k army with ;)

    Id get like one guy painted like that and my Army ADD would kick in and its like 'Oooohh orks!' If I cant get noticeable results I lose interest- hence, I spend more time finding and creating lazy tricks than I actually do painting and modelling lol