Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wow....Airbrush goodness at a new level.

Its not often that I see a paint job that really, really impresses me, but this guy did it. In case you missed the link in my post title:

Seeing work like that gives me one of those moments where I want to buy a 50 gallon drum of simple green to throw all my figs in and start over.

But, then I realize Im lazy and thats not a good idea.

Anyhow- the monolith pics linked above is why I got my airbrush- there are just some things you cant do with regular brush techniques- or rather- an airbrush makes them practical. I sure someone could do the same sort of thing with regular brush & paints- but it would take like 2,000 layers of shading and a couple hundred hours to do what an airbrush likely did in less than 40 hours.

So, with that monolith in mind, I have several chaos and eldar paint ideas forming. But it will be down the road, as Im still in a space marine mood ;)

Also, the flu/eye booger nurglings are still plaguing me, productivity has been minimal. The only thing I accomplished was an experiment to slow down the curing time of the resin I have- it was drying in the mixing cup and pouring thick-hence screwing up my casts. So, I put part A in fridge. This slows the cure time alot, pot life goes from a minute or two, to almsot 4 or 5. But, the de-mold time goes from 5 minutes- to 15 or so. But- Im not mass casting anything- so speed isnt an issue.


  1. I can see that being an 80hr-plus job.

    It does make me want to go out and acquire an airbrush, though. I mean, hell, that almost makes me want to play Necrons, but I can't really drag myself to that again.

  2. Ya, I can see the destroyers looking almost that good, but the infantry will be hard to bring up to that level I think. Id like to be proven wrong though ;)

  3. I used an airbrush to do base coats and shading on my demon winner, but nothing as crazy as this..that's amazing work.