Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Recent Disappearance.

So, for those that dont already know, my energy level for gaming stuff fluctuates. Sometimes I have the energy, but the migraines, or their precursor symptoms jut dont let me do anything at the modeling desk.

I mean, when you cant stand bright lights, strong smells, and have trembling hands, the options are pretty limited.

To add to the complexity of this, its highly likely Im not just dealing with migraines symptoms. My Dr believes its very likely I have MS. There will be more testing to follow, and its something Im trying to get my head around.

So, I'll had good weeks and bad, with hopeful spurts of creativity during the good.


  1. Wow... that really doesn't sound good. Glad to see you're still alive, though! We were starting to wonder...

  2. I hope you feel better. good luck. hoping for the best.

  3. Oh no that sucks! have you tried taking extra folic acid suppliments? I also get migraines and i take extra folic acid with a b-complex daily (along with a multi everyday) and instead of 4 migraines a month i get about 4-5 a year. it might be worth looking into.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Ew. Good luck on the health issues. Supposedly if you're not already on them, multi-vitamins are a good start, but the more specialized ones might get you more mileage.

    Of course, sometimes the only prescription that'll really do the trick is the doc.

  5. sorry to hear the bad news hope you figure out a solution soon.

  6. Migrain symptons with me were often the sign of a deeper problem - stress, blood pressure and kidney function loss.

    Have a good medical check up. It can't do you any harm,

  7. Really late to this party, but I just stumbled across your blog from raptor1313's.

    I hope everything has turned out for the best for you. My wife has MS, she has her good days and bad days, too. I won't bore you with platitudes or aphorisms, but stick with things you love to do and people who love you because of it.

    Gaming's a good choice, IMHO. Who can't love 40K? ;)

  8. I was reading through your blog when I came to this section.

    I have an unidentified nerve disease that causes severe nerve and muscle pain. I've learned to cope over the years, but I went through a bad depression sometime back that took years to recover from.

    My low point was when I was diagnosed with MS. I spent a week thinking I had the illness, before the doctor called to let me know the test was negative. It goes without saying, that was a pretty terrible week.

    Pain is relative. Feelings are relative. It's hard for anyone to understand what you're going through, but there are folks out there who can relate to a part of it. That can make a big difference, having someone to talk to.

    Good luck - Brent