Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Not jsut a migraine...the flu too!

Yay. So, either at the Dr office a couple weeks ago- or the hospital last week I picked up a flu bug.

The congestion is so bad I feel like I snorted a bunch of nurglings.

I was gonna paint, but the congestion has worked its way into my eyes. So, in a TMI moment, eye boogers make it hard to paint when your vision is blurry.

So I figured I'd work on something less detail oriented and Im makin some molds. Did up the tire molds Ive been wanting to do for a while. And an old turret I had laying about.

And did a single cavity for my microwave blaster/melta. But, too late realized I didnt leave space for any air vents. So, luckily I will only need to use it 4 or 5 times to makes a multi chamber mold.

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