Tuesday, January 08, 2013

You're doing it right! Privateer Press.

Its always nice to be pleasantly surprised when your favorite game companies do something that makes you remember why you like them in the first place.



Not only are they offering all the MKII books in digital format,  they are priced lower than paper versions, and you can update them as errata fixes are made!  Anyone familiar with Privateer knows theyre much more prompt about 'patching' their rules when a problem is found than some of the others out there.

Not to mention the IKRPG books,  and all the issues of NQ will be available as well(including subscriptions- no more relying on that pesky mailman!)

I dont have an e-reader yet,  but knowing I wont have to try and force some PDFs to work and I can play the game off a small tablet or reader has me much more motivated to get one.

Also,  it seems they have learned from the mistakes of thier recent past,  as some of you may recall the War Room app that was released with much fanfare but kind of fizzled.   It was a great attempt,  but fell short in the QC department as the programming staff hired really wasn't up to a job of that size.    This time however- they went to a reputable professional company with Leeway/Hertz.

Is Privateer the first major gaming company to do this?  I havent heard of any others doing it for more than some PDFs.


  1. Only Games Workshop so far has jumped on the Digital Bandwagon. As an iPad ownder and GW Player I have the Digital White Dwarf and Several Codex Releases on my iPad right now. I am certainly looking forward to seeing PP go this route though as I have a Subscription to NQ though I will hold off on the Army Books until they have some significant content updates. Most likely I will pick up the Core books though so I have the Basic Rule Set handy at all times.

    1. Ya, I cant get too enthused about GW's digital offerings since they cost almost the exact same as a hard copy does(which are really steep to start). Makes it look alot like more profit maximizing rather than a service to thier customers. And it looks to be iTunes only? You'd think at least Codex Necrons would be available on Android....

    2. Yes, all of GWs releases are exclusive to the iPad which has been a source of much fuss and foo for all. Piracy is the main reason behind it. iPad offers more security for their IP than any other platform so they decided to go with that. Definitely in agreement on the Price point, there's no reason for the Digital Version to be the same price as the Print version.

      At the very least it should be about 15% less..perhaps even 25%.