Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First video post- free compressor build ^_^

So,  this wasn't on the agenda perse',  more of a random inspiration idea that Im currently crusading about on.  Im salvaging an old fridge compressor into use as a silent indoor airbush compressor.  Theres several vids of them on youtube, and others have done it on various hobby forums over the years.

Any how-  its my first video post- since pics just wouldnt do and I want to get used to talking you guys :)

So- up to the vid I've yanked the compressor out of old fridge,  and banged my head on my keyboard for a couple days trying to figure out how the wiring works because like most modern stuff there seems to be way more than is really necessary.  Anyhow-  once I stopped overthinking it-  it was pretty easy.  Tomorrow I'll pick up some oil and basic fittings to give it a test run on filling up a tank :)

If  theres any enthusiasm for recycled and repurposed tooling for our hobby work, drop a comment and let me know if theres anything specific you'd like to see covered :)  If I havent already thought of a way to do something,  Im always up for a challenge and figuring out ways to save us some cash so we can buy more miniatures!

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