Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Damn migraines! Down, but not out!

So, 19 days of migraines!   Hopefully that shit is done and over with so I can get down to getting some content generated!

Sneak previews of upcoming stuff in the next couple of weeks.

Crayons and miniatures!! (Yes really, and its AWESOME!)

Right round baby right round...(rotary tools for our hobby)

Hack your paint!  How to make you paint do more with stuff already in your hobby tool kit!


Shopping!  Its come to my attention most gamers are shitty shoppers.  Im going to share some tips with you guys on how to get your hobby supplies at some crazy discounts(if you're willing to get off your ass!).


  1. Sorry to hear that. My wife is a chronic migraine sufferer and I sympathize.

    I want to see those posts now! Crayons? Paint hacking?!

  2. Yes, magic crayons! And accessing your paints source code to make it do cool things! (Just pretend you're in the Matrix ;) )

    Sorry to hear your wife gets them too. They suck.