Saturday, March 19, 2011

Girls at the gaming table. Yes, its rare...

It is rare...but it does happen! Not all of us are there to hang out with boyfreinds or anything like that. Theres alot of awkwardness that goes when a gal decides to play table top war games.

Heres the order of reactions:
1-Whoa!!! A girl!!!
2-Wheres her boy freind?!
3-Wait- no boyfreind, awww shit, one of the card game kids moms!!
4-OMG shes got a miniatures case!! She must just paint....
5-Ok, ok, I must now become more manly in my current game and beat this guy loudly!
6-Now Im going to go teach her how to play!!
7-She just corrected me on rules before we even deployed, jeeze, what a snooty bitch...
8-Damn she kicked my ass. Shes mean. I bet she eats puppies and kittens during the full moon.
9-Ok, I just imagined all that...Im going to just stare at her boobs and look awway before she sees me....
10- Why do I have to be playing a game with Stinky? His hygeine is worse than Nurgles and its like a chick repelling forcefield (this only applies to gamers that shower regularly....)

Yes- thats often what it feels like when a girl walks into a gaming store that she may not be well known at. Odd stares, awkward behavior and so on.

So, next time you see some girl walk in the gameshop, and shes not there by accident- keep in mind that foremost- it means shes a geek too! She knows why shes there, she knows theres likely a room full of socially impaired guys that can only communnicate coherently by rolling dice. Dont let the boobs and makeup make you forget that shes a gamer too!

Thank you XKCD for the comic and its use via a Creative Commons License!


  1. Thank you, at the store I use to work at we had simuilar reactions. Had to lay a dope slap on some of the guys.

  2. Hmmm... Gaming material, nail polish, dice in a Rx bottle and what looks to be a Glock G19... I approve. :)

  3. Lol that's awesome and funnier because there is truth to it.

    **golf clap

  4. Thanks guys ^_^

    Ya, theres truth to it, since thats where Ive drawn the inspiration from- actual experience!

    @Oni, its a Glock 22, Ive had that one for...15 years now :o And the dice are in the Rx bottle because gaming is my favorite drug! ^_^

  5. #9, thats the Orange Chicken and fried rice! Wait- you mean on my list? Someone actually read all the way to #9!!

  6. my rpg table is perfectly mixed between boys and girls, we are couples and it's a pleasure to play like that... But our battle table for AT-43 is only for men (or because it's too childish for our wonderful girls!).
    and don't forget, many geeks-boys have boobs to! don't watch them!

  7. David...I didnt want to be petty and bring up the topic of man boobs!

    But since you caused a flash back of a guys man boob knocking my old Raven Guard dreadnaught off the corner of a gaming table. I could never determine if it was the boob or the floor that did the damage...

  8. wheres that like button??? I have met a few girl gamers, never met one I didn't like.

  9. Preach it, sister. :-DDD So true!

  10. I got reintroduced to miniature wargaming BY my girlfriend, and I've got to tell you that I've seen people reacting to her in every way you described. I don't get why my fellow males are seriously that stupid/socially inept.