Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ironback Spitter gone WILD!! Run away!

I haven't posted anything useful for a while- so I might as well post something retarded. Disclaimer-contains footage of natural acts with unnatural objects some people may find distrubing, or disturbingly appealing....

This is the Ironback Spitter, a Minion Warbeast from Hordes. Its sort of silly/cute in an angry mutant ninja turtle sort of way.

This- is a video of an Ironback Spitter in action. Watch out for the Spit Blast, his Ornery Animus is really working for him vs his low DEF oppponent...

Should you ever witness this act on your gaming table, first- get your damn shoes off the table- no one is so hard up for terrain they should be using their dirty shoes!! Second- make sure its your pet Ironback, and not some durty gamer grunting out his luv for some extreme sculpt miniature. And lastly, make sure to record it and post it on youtube so people can make retarded blog posts about it!


  1. Haha fantastic.

    The ironback spitter reminds me of some kind of baddie you'd seen against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for sure.

  2. Didn't they HAVE one of these as a villian in one of those old live-action TMNT movies? I'd swear it was this thing and a wolf or something that got mutated and sent against the turtles.

  3. Raptor- are you talking about the Ironback- or Kobe the turtle?

    Kobe is a Youtube star, so he mighta been in the TMNT movie....I'd certainly run away from him! ;)