Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Finally- a tallarn with paint on him!

So, Ive been converting some tallarns(as anyone who reads the past posts should know!). But with my twitchy hands I havent been overly motivated to paint anything, as its just generally frustrating.

But, one of my fellow bloggers (http://akersminis.blogspot.com/) had a lil painting contest for May that got me motivated enough to paint up at least one guy!

Im probly going to convert up another 30 or 40 of these guys(have 25ish already) so I can have a super blob or a couple smaller platoons. I think the paint process I used will work well assembly line style- and the airbrush made for easy base coating with the VMC Yellow Ochre over grey primer. And it was really handy for clearcoating the model. For table top use I'll hit these guys with a layer of krylon gloss, then matte coat them with the airbrush. This will get me a good protective layer- and a nice flat finish I dont have to ever worry about fogging up on me!

C&C and questions welcome :)


  1. Looking great Isabelle ..... any vehicles planned as well ?

  2. Woot! This lil dude got 3rd place! http://akersminis.blogspot.com/ Im pimpin his blog becuase he's going to have a bigger contest once he hits 100 followers- so go join and tell him I sent you ;)

    @jmezz, ya, theres vehicles planned. But they'll be at least as heavily converted as the troops and Im actually aiming for full on resin kits of my own design. The Imp tanks are pretty horrid- but as a fill in I'll probly be using some wheeled chimera variants :)

  3. Well done! I was thinking all the little details would be lost, but it's actually the reverse. They pop right out and say, "I am not a catachan!" You deserve praise just for making the muscle men look good, but the fine work on the band and the nice thin cloth stands on its own. I really can't say enough good things. Keep it up!

    Oh, wheeled chimeras you say? I've been looking for something similar for a long time. I'd like to have something in my army to represent the STeG-4's from Dan Abnett's Blood Pact. I eagerly await your ideas.

  4. Thanks ^_^

    I think one of the biggest tricks to covering the catachan-iness is to not use the bare chest torsos, trim the necks down, and add the shoulder pads to balance out thier He-Man biceps. throw the desert head wraps on top of that and they transition from jungle to desert pretty well. Added bonus is that Ive gotten tons of crapachans as trade filler over the years-sometimes like .25-50 cents a guy.

    The cloth was actually alot easier than I thought it would be. The first shemaghs I just blobbed on the grey stuff and shaped it. That was difficult. Easy mode- was rolling it out into thin sections- and cutting squares or strips and shaping it like it was really cloth. after that it was just forming the folds and sculpting a lil texture into it.

    As for the chimera variants- the wheels are the big part. I cant decide whether to use reasonable sized tires and a 6x6 set up. Or some bigger crawler type tires the height of a guardsman(with only 4 rahter than 6). I may just save the chimeras though- and scratch build up an APC to mold/cast myself. (and sell the chimeras while theyre still gold plated lol)