Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tallarn update: HW teams

So Im still waiting on my goodies to arrive, the tracking numbers have it getting here tomorrow, so we'll see ;)

In the mean time I decided to work on my heavy weapons. Last summer I traded for a pile of Cadian infantry, and in that trade was 15 weapon teams. ALL were frikkin ML's, but, fortunately I got the sprues for the spares ^_^

So, with the tallrn conversions Im doing Im trying to decide if I just want to keep that trend going, as in jsut slap the shemaghs or keffiyehs on the crew, or go with another idea I've had brewing for a while.

Idea #2 is putting my weapons on small tracked carriers, like a mini Thunderfire or old Rapier laser. I have the bitz for a bunch of them, Im using the tracks off the old ork warbikes, when thinned down a bit they fit nicely inside a short section of the newer IG track guards. Add a few bitz and it looks like a little ROV with a weapon on it, and has room for some stowage bits like water cans and ruck sacks. Since Im eventually going with upgraded tank designs, these lil platforms should fit in pretty well with the theme of my army and provide some more conversion and mini diorama possibilities. The only dilemma Im having, is if I do it, should I keep 2 men on the bases, or 1 man and the platform?


  1. I'd go with one man and the platform. Two guys plus the platform will probably clutter the base way too much.

    I'm trying to do something similar with my Mechanicus themed Guard army. I've got servitors on the base with a heavy weapon and a tech adept following them around to represent the second guy.

  2. It's 40K - everything is better with skulls. ;-) Maybe have a servo-skull linked up with the weapon, and the guy pointing out targets, perhaps with an auspex/controller?

  3. I like your idea of the tracked units with added gear/crew stowage on them! However 2 crewman on the base will alleviate you have to 'ask' for opponent permission when not playing with your normal gaming crew. It may be a bit cluttered, but positioning can help with that, i.e.: not putting the gun dead center as is normal. I used the imperial bastion lascannons for I.G. lascannon teams & had to offset the guns for the crew to fit on the bases (with tehe tripod stabilizers hanging off of the bases).

  4. As long as you're going to keep it on the standard base, I don't think it'd matter since it's one model with two wounds now.

    What I would do is magnetise 'one of'/'the man' so when it takes a wound, you can take it off as a wound tracker.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, the ideas sound great.