Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fun stuff!

I got my stuff from Blick Art today. They were out of stock on the 2 oz dropper bottles, but other than that I got all the stuff to make a couple gallons of washes. Yes, gallons.

I realised though, I accidentally ordered Sepia instead of a yellow. So I dont quite have all the base colors to mix a full spectrum. But, that no biggie, I can make my own versions of Devlan mud, badab black etc etc. Can make blues, greens, and reds too. I made a quick test batch of the sepia and indigo, and having access to large quantities of washes is going to make me an incredibly lazy painter ^_^ Dippity dippity dippity!!

So, while Im waiting for the bottles to mix the rest, I started playing with the box of Super Sculpey I ordered. I've used regular sculpey years ago, and wasnt impressed much, at all. But the Super sculpey, I like it so far. I havent baked it yet, but the handling qualities are very nice. Using a layered technique I can see how some sculptors build up really good detail with this stuff.

Its really going to be useful for the tanks Im going to start working on very soon. I think I can use it to sculpt out armor plates & sections in the exact shapes and thicknesses I want. Im gonna do it on thin sheets if styrene to keep it flat. Then pop it in the freezer to temporarily harden it- pop the stryene off, then into the toaster oven for its 275 degree bake for 15 minutes (thats not counting thaw time). Tomorrow Im going to spend most of the day arranging my work area so I can work on the first tank design without having to continually clean little spaces out- I clutter up horribly when I get into a project....

And, a bid is in on a digital cam, cross your fingers that it stays under 150$ ;) Its way more cam than anyone would ever need for taking pics of figs, like a 24x optical zoom is a tad overkill....but my roomie can use it for landscape type pics too ^_^


  1. What a coincidence, I got my own package from Blick arts today. Does that mean we were ordering at the same time? Eerie. Anyway, I got myself a Smooth-on Casting kit so that I can replicate my work in the future. And I hope you get the cam... your blog is unpleasantly devoid of pics!

  2. You should try out Femo instead of SS. It's a lot less brittle and you can get hard or soft and mix them together to make your own special batch.
    for making armor plates you might want to try Magic-Sculp it dries super hard and you can even sand it to get the shapes you want.

  3. The Smooth On kits from Blick are a good buy, I got two last summer, the regular pour kind, and a brush on kit. I use the pour molds for the small bitz, going to try the brush on type for my tank kits :) If you need some basic casting tips let me know :)

    And I could post bad pics, but trying to get the crap cam ot work seems to just frustrate me since they all come out blurry.

    And I was considering Fimo, but the test piece of SS I used last night and baked firmed up, but is flexible like plastic, not brittle at all. So it should work fine for the 'prototyping' models Im making, as they wont need to be super durable since they'll just basically be mold master copies.

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