Friday, May 07, 2010

Tallarn PICS!! 5-7-10 update

I found a way to hack the auto focus on my crap cam- so, we can has pics!

First up, some of the keffiyehs I did quick sculpts on:

Then onto some shemagh shots:

And here we have Omar Marbo, Sly's desert dwelling 54th cousin by marriage.

And here we have a very WIP Straken. He still needs his plasma pistol, headwear, and some detail work on his robe and a sash.


  1. Wow....the text didn't pop up between the pics like it was supposed too :o

  2. First off, very nice work with the green stuff! (And yay for pictures finally.) It's impressive how good you've made the catachans look. (I've never been a fan of them.)

    I manage to wrangle my pictures and text by holding down return for a while, then adding the pictures and the text where I want them. Then go back and highlight all the empty space and delete it to avoid huge blank areas. It's a pain.

  3. Ya, Im not a fan of Crapachans either- very few people are. I originally got a pile of them for a penal legion themed army in 3rd ed. Being a fromer corrections officer- marching guys in orange jumpsuits to thier doom was therapeutic.

    But, now theres an actual Penal legion unit- and it sucks.

    Anyhow, theyve been cheap trade fodder for years- so I've ended up with bunches of them. When toying with a Grenadiers drop army idea (last edition) I did some conversions with them and learned they look alot better with some addons, like shoulder pads, and some headwear.

  4. Omar Mabo? I thought he was going to be named "Dry" Mabo (I saw the pun and jihad to take it.)

  5. Ouch! stop PUNishing us with that!