Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cygnar-ish goodness!

So...Im a lazy poster. Instead of posting up sensible progress pics I just keep painting away and totally ignore you all!

Heres my Trencher Sniper, I didnt think it made sense for them to carry sandbags around to prop the rifle on...so hes using a convenient fallen tree ;)

Heres a nifty and shiny chain gun, problly wont use it much but I like the mini :)

A classic Ironclad with one of my fancy fallen tree bases and a repose conversion. Of course with the new resin kits the pose is no biggie. But I did it with a metal one!

A glance at Seige here. I really like how he came out. I might get some better pics if theres any interest.

And finally a group shot. a dozen or so Trenchers, Chain gun, full Sword Knights + UA, full StormGuard, a Lancer, Ironclad, 2 Chargers, minimum unit of Mechanics, Flinn, Pendrake, Seige, pHaley, and pStryker :)

Future expansions- I have a Defender I need to do up. And a couple Chargers Im going to convert into hunters.

And up soon, my Mercs with their bases done! Im in a baasing mood after having these guys bases turn out so well.

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