Monday, February 04, 2013

Wow, its bigger than I thought it would be O.o

It didn't really do much 'will shrink to fit available space' did it?  I didnt think it would be quite so...large.

Think its too much?    I was figuring a bunch of it would get trimmed out and I'd get to move the window around like I did with my Google+ profile.

If I realized I had more space I coulda crammed in a few more books and minis to make finding Waldo more challenging!

Anyways-  if it seems like its too much dead space to scroll by to read an article lemme know so I can trim it a bit.

At least with the larger format space opened up now I can more easily arrange articles and tutorials I want to do whether its with pics or vids.  Anyways,  if anyone cared/noticed let me know if you think the old format was better in any way-  I dont think it was,  but in case I missed anything different perspectives are always good to have :)


  1. I spy with my little eye something beginning with "P".

  2. Nice variety of hobby stuff shown, new and old and *very* old. Isn't model air silver great? Seriously.

    1. All the model air stuff is pretty good, the mettalics especially so. The silver happened to be the one I grabbed, but the platinum, chrome and shining brass are also impressive. I actually use them as a sort of 'shine booster' to normal brush on acrylic metals like p3 and VMC metals as it really makes them pop out. If you look back at is when I first discovered that trick :)

      And I dont actually have my *very* old models out there ;) Just a small sample of my old paint! The hex pots of the Citadel paint are at least 15 years old, and that ellow Partha paint is at least 20 (my original partha paints are 22 and the labels have all fallen off!). But the old minis, they have old paint jobs, and I only bring them out for special occasions for nostalgias sake ;)