Friday, March 09, 2012

Can Reaper do plastic better than GW? Bones!

Now, once you get done watching that:

3$?!! For a brand new mini that ready to paint, thats pretty damn awesome. How many new mini painters will now get into the hobby because they can afford one or two of these guys every week? Its nice to see some of the manufacturers understand that keeping things affordable wont bankrupt them.

Now- the price point beats GW. Will the Reaper plastic beat Finecast? If the points in the video hold true, with its durability- that could be one up on Finecast. Will you have to check the product in the store to avoid miscasts and bubble infestations? Probably not- it looks like Reaper has invested in the proper tech for the material they are using(not forcing new materials through old tech to save money).

Next- the poke in the eye. Like the other mini producers using plastic- Reaper is doing so and lowering the sale price- not raising it.

So, I know my blog is mostly followed by wargamers, and the Reaper lines mostly are aimed at the Tabletop RPG's. But for us painters that play both, lets pick up a couple of these when we see them and find out if Reaper has a win, or just a 'they're ok'.

Its obvious the sculpts aren't in line with the Finecast stuff. But if the material is superior, its just a matter of time before they learn how to cast it better and we see better sculpts. Eventually, one of these companies will hit upon the magic plastic mix that will be easy to work with, durable, and cast crisp detail reliably- and can hopefully become an industry standard rather than a proprietary material :/


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  2. Nice, Though I am a wargamer I like to paint something different now and again and reaper products have always been some of my favorites.

  3. Thanks for pointing these out! I am running a Dnd group right now and I would love to pick up some lower cost figs. Thank you!