Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tallarn WIP heads/shemagh sculpts

So, an actual WIP pic! Its a craptacular pic(paarticularly when you look at it in high res lol) , but I'd rather spend another hour sculpting, than setting up lighting to get a better pic.

So, today we have the first attempts at a couple of shemaghs. They seem to be an adequate start to Tallarn-izing cadians.

I think otehr features Im going to incorporate, is trimmin the torso bottoms down-like remving the belt section. This should get the plastics down to about the same height as the metal figs(which are smaller). Then, to cover that gap I can sculpt on some sashes to tuck thier jambayas(curved knives) into. The other trick I may use is shaving the cargo pockets off their pants. Combine that with a cohesive paint scheme, and they should mesh in quite well with the existing tallarn line.

Mostly these guys are going to bolster the special weapon slots(esp flamers) and step up as Sgt's. And likely there will be some done up as veterans.

To get the lasguns to match up, I may be shaving the e-clip slots off the plastics to fall in theme with the older lead versions. Im considering doing the stocks as wood, since its rarely done, and I think the contrast of wooden stocked rifles may add to the theme of my army.

And now- back to general sculpting ambitiousness while my hands aren't shaking!


  1. For you first few try sculpting the shemaghs below the face running along the neck, its easiler and a good starting point.

    Secondly try doing the tops with a simple round glob on top of the head, and simple band going from side to side under the face, then a band below the top glob running over the ears. Three pieces, simple but effective results:

  2. For some reason that links not working :o

    But what you're describing actually sounds like keffiyehs rather than shemaghs. I'll have some of those worked in, but for now Im trying to get shemaghs in to more closely match the stock troopers.

    RIght now Im also looking at the few cadian officer minis I have to see how well they might be adopted :)